Day 1 & 2 Gothenburg – Varberg – Halmstad

Our friends at Fossilgasfällan, Fossil Free and Friends of the Earth are real change makers. Even though fossil gas is often seen as a climate friendly alternative to oil and coal, they understood that a new construction of a gas terminal in the harbor of Gothenburg would lock the infrastructure to fossil fuels for decades to come. They engage in this topic showing their commitment to a decarbonized society. Establishing a place where people can come together to connect and act really makes them being activists. Cycling along the coast line today, enjoying sunny weather and the beautiful scenery, we wondered: Are we activists now? Why is this trip more than just a holiday?

Maybe we have not become very visible until now, but we are activists already:

Starting off at the Climate Camp on Monday, we did not have a quiet moment to come together as a group while the GPS device did not work. This caused our first day to be quite chaotic. Today (day two) I felt we were functioning much more as a group, knowing where we were going and taking decisions collectively. It takes time to establish routines and principles for our ride. However, it is beautiful how we stand together and still taking care of each other, still wanting to do more than just reaching the next destination. We are doing this trip as a group and we are committed to making this group a place of freedom, understanding and acceptance. We are travelling on our own. We are travelling to get to a climate camp in an alternative manner.

Our message is becoming stronger with every kilometer we commit to cycle. We choose to connect two climate camps, knowing that they are located far away from each other which would require us to cycle long distances, especially in Sweden, where we didn’t schedule a lot of time. We are staying in Halmstad at the flat of a former cooperider, Isaac. He knows how one feels after a day of biking and awaited us with a vegan carrot cake! Thank you, Isaac!