2016 Malmö – Lusatia (Ende Gelände)

IMG-20151128-WA0017 - Kopie

In May 2016 Cooperide will be part of the international mobilization for this year’s Ende Gelände action in Lusatia – Germany’s second biggest coal mining area.

Over Pentecost’s weekend (13. – 16. May) actions demanding the end of coal digging in Lusatia will be organized around the area. In the previous week we will make our way from Sweden (Malmö) trough the North of Germany over Berlin to Lusatia, mobilize as many people as possible to join the activities around Ende Gelände and being true to the Cooperide tradition organize informative events along the way.

Save the dates!
3. May – Kick-off action in Malmö
9. May – International Bike Mass in Berlin
10. May – Day of joint actions in Berlin
12. May – Arrival at Lausitzcamp

Everyone is warmly welcome to join us – be it for the whole tour, somewhere along the route or for a couple of days. Check our  route  to get an overview!

You can also find practical information about joining the ride in our info for riders.

Bike mobilization across Europe – Cycle Ende Gelände 2016
There will also be other bike trains following the call for Ende Gelände departing from France, Great Britain and Austria. Joining forces we are mobilizing across Europe to show that the climate movement is strong and committed!  Find out more about our comrades’ routes below or at Cycle Ende Gelände 2016.