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English Press Release: 1000 Kilometres of Climate Protest – Download PDF

Deutsche Presseerklärung: 1000 Kilometer Klimaschutz – Download PDF

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    (c) Julian Rizzon, Photographer

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Press Coverage

Cooperide 2015: Copenhagen to Paris

Featured in… 

08.12.2015, an article about our stop at Hambacher Forst by Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

04.12.2015, a french article about our stay in Marly, Valenciennes by La Voix du Nord

03.12.2015, a guest article by Phil on Quakernomics

02.12.2015, Munster TV via Youtube


01.12.2015, a newsarticle in BSZonline

29.11.2015, a report on our day in the Rhineland coal mining area by r-mediabase

29.11.2015, the cooperide is mentioned in Aachener Nachrichten

27.11.2015, a report on our joint action with BUNDjugend in Essen

26.11.2015, a report by Grüne Fraktion NRW who joined us for a day

26.11.2015, blog piece on Zeronaut

26.11.2015, a Swedish article about our ride in Skånes Fria Tidning

25.11.2015, blog piece in

25.11.2015, Hamburger Abendblatt and Samtgemeinde Tostedt on our stay in Tostedt

24.11.2015, an article in Westfälische Nachrichten

23.11.2015, Kreiszeitung met us on our way from Tostedt to Bremen

20.11.2015, interview from the road with Radio Bremen

20.11.2015, news article in Rotenburger Neue Presse

19.11.2015, Greenpeace about our joint action in Hamburg

19.11.2015, a blog article about the Cooperide in Hamburg

18.11.2015, we´re mentioned in this piece in

17.11.2015, featured in Fehmarnsches Tagesblatt 





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