Tour diary

Day 1 / May 3
Malmö – Travemünde
On the road again: Cooperide goes to Ende Gelände has officially taken off  with a successful and inspiring action… [read more]

Day 2 / May 4
Travemünde – Hamburg
TThis night we spent on the ferry “Nils Holgersson” that took us from Sweden to Lübeck-Travemünde, Germany. After we had had some unexpected diffculties… [read more]

Day 3 / May 5
Hamburg – Lüneburg
We left our kind hosts ADFC, the General German Cycle Club, with a festival feel as the streets of Hamburg were cleared[read more]

Day 4 / May 6
Lüneburg – Gedelitz
After a delicious dumpstered breakfast provided by our hosts, we started the day with a quick action at Lüneburg’s university… [read more]

Day 5 / May 7
Gedelitz – Neukamern
After a mere two kilometers, we had our first stop at a place called Gorleben, an important landmark in the region´s struggle against nuclear waste deposition…  [read more]

Day 6 / May 8
Neukamern – Berge
Today we woke up once more to beautiful sunshine and glimpsed out of the window into the marvellous Altmark district…  [read more]

Day 7 & 8 / May 9 & 10
Berge – Berlin
The last ride as a small group before we join with 50 other cyclists from London, France and the Netherlands and a day full of actions… [read more]

Day 9 / May 11
Berlin – Lübben
Rested and with new companions on our side, we bade farewell to Berlin to make our way to the Climate Camp in Proschim… [read more]

Day 10 / May 12
Lübben – Proschim
Our last day of riding started in the most beautiful way possible, a wake up service by one rider, who sang a good morning song, followed by a splendid rap about coal when people started to get out of their tents…[read more]