2015 Copenhagen – Paris COP21

In winter 2015 the Cooperide pedalled from Copenhagen to the COP21 in Paris.
With the climate crisis being the defining global issue of the 21st Century this journey was our manifestation of how we believe we must act if we are to take on climate change. We have a common goal. It was to be a demanding journey. But a journey made much easier when taken together.

By pedalling to Paris, we were demonstrating that dependence on fossil fuels is a choice not a necessity, that alternatives are possible and that the commitment to change is strong.

A bike bloc travelling from Copenhagen to Paris.
A symbolic and physical journey from the frustration of COP15 to the expectation of COP21.

To demonstrate change is possible.
To demand change happens.

14th November – 5th December 2015

A group of activists from across Europe, motivated by indignation but united by hope.

photo 3