Climate Change is the consequence of disconnection. The disconnection of humans and nature, of politics and people, product and producer. It is a consequence of a disconnection between the farm and the fork, of production and consumption. A consequence of the disconnections caused by national boundaries that put national interest before global solidarity. All the new and exciting ways we are connected today cannot hide the disconnection of what we say and what we ultimately do, of today and tomorrow.

Climate Change disconnects. It will widen the gap between rich and poor, the culprits and victims, the secure and the vulnerable. The solutions are sought in a manner all too familiar in the history of humankind, by way of war and separation. A global minority profits from the economic system that causes climate change in the first place and now uses this money to build walls. Walls to keep out the nature they are exploiting and turning into an enemy; to keep out those who can’t erect these walls for themselves, those who have to live or die with consequences they didn’t cause. Lifestyles in one place deny lives in another. Fighting climate change is not a war we can fight with the old weapons that have brought so much destruction; with planes that drop sulfur dioxide instead of bombs; with helicopters that target refugee boats instead of enemy troops. It is not a war at all. It is the exact opposite.

The solution is to connect. We connect the two memorials of disconnection: The failed COP15 in Copenhagen and the COP21 in Paris. We connect places on our way, the people we are going to meet and who may join us in our headwind journey. We connect the wind parks in Denmark, the coal plants in Germany and the conferees in Paris. We therefore connect and transcend the detached: the local and the global; our bikes may move slow, but the movement of movements is faster than most people realise; we tell the world to move on by finally stopping in the way of destruction. We are one of a million voices, who join together in Paris to demonstrate our strength. We connect our bodies to nature; every inch we move is moved by ourselves, because this is what we truly believe in: We are moving, we have the strength to do so, we are many and we have a common goal. For now it’s Paris, but you would be a fool to believe it isn’t much, much more. Everything is changing. The walls are crumbling.