One of Cooperide’s missions is to connect. We want to connect places, people and perspectives by sharing our experiences, getting inspired by others and informing about our future plans. Below you can find past and future events of the Cooperide


03/08/2017 – Gothenburg: Critical Mass bike ride to climate camp

12/08/2017 – Hamburg; Movie screening “Beyond the Red Lines”


03/05/2016 – Malmö: Kick-off action

04/05/2016 – Hamburg: Movie screening “BIKES vs. CARS”

09/05/2016 – Berlin: International Bike Mass

16-17/04/2016 – Malmö: Climate Justice Training

10/04/2016 – Malmö: Infomeeting about Ende Gelände

10/04/2016 – Lund: Infomeeting about Ende Gelände

17/03/2016 – Lund: Meet the Cooperide – A public presentation



On our way from Copenhagen to Paris we want to meet and inspire as many people as possible. Eventhough it might not be possible for you to participate in the ride itself we are happy to meet you at our events along the route:

14/11/2015 – Copenhagen: Cooperide Tour Kick-Off

17/11/2015 – Lübeck: Fahrraddemo und Filmvorführung

18/11/2015 – Hamburg: Filmvorführung und Diskussion in der Hoheluft

20/11/2015 – Bremen: Information und Diskussion zu alternativen Klimabewegungen

22/11/2015 – Osnabrueck: Information und Filmvorfuehrung

23/11/2015 – Münster: Demonstration mit Laternenumzug

24/11/2015 – Bochum: Informationsabend

26/11/2015 – Düsseldorf – Hambacher Forst: Tour durch das Rheinische Braunkohlerevier

28/11/2015 – Leuven: People’s Kitchen and Documentary

05 – 12/12/2015 – Activities in Paris


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