Tour Diary

The Cooperide in winter 2015 was a great journey and unforgettable experience for all participants. Read about our impressions and adventures on the road here.

Day 1 / Nov 14
Copenhagen – Farendløse Æblemost
As a group of 23 bikers we left Copenhagen with a mixed feeling. On the one hand, excited, happy, looking forward to the journey… [read more]

Day 2 / Nov 15
Farendløse Æblemost – Rødbyhavn
The second day proved to be a greatly rewarding challenge. We began pedalling at first light, just before 8am knowing that we had a long day on the road… [read more]

Day 3 / Nov 16
Rødbyhavn – Kellenhusen
We are now in Germany having departed Denmark today and we are feeling good! A little sore, but high in spirits… [read more]

Day 4 / Nov 17
Kellenhusen – Lübeck
After a nice and relaxing stay in the holiday house, we were rested and ready for the next ride. The weather was actually quite good… [read more]

Day 5 / Nov 18
Lübeck – Hamburg
What does it mean to cooperide? Impressions of a co-rider…  [read more]

Day 6 / Nov 19
Hamburg – Tostedt
We have pedalled a total of 460km. Spirits are high! In the morning two riders left the group and the emotions evoked in our departure round made many of us recognised that we have created a safe space…  [read more]

Day 7 / Nov 20
Tostedt – Bremen
A sunny morning was a great start to a great day. Today’s ride was smooth, navigation was on point and there were no flat tires… [read more]

Day 8 / Nov 21
Bremen – Vechta
Many of our private hosts woke early and gathered with us at our meeting point to see us off. We are indebted to those who so generously opened their homes… [read more]

Day 9 / Nov 22
Vechta – Osnabrück
We got pretty cosy last night. Celebrating the final day for several of us, we skipped our usual group plenary and instead enjoyed an abundant and delicious dinner…[read more]

Day 10 / Nov 23
Osnabrück – Münster
Another chilly start to the day. But although it was cold the sun shone brightly while we ate a vegan breakfast, prepared for us by cheerful comrades at SubstAnz … [read more]

Day 11 / Nov 24
Münster – Bochum
Today was a tough one. Probably our hardest day so far. The weather did not even try to be on our side… [read more]

Day 12 / Nov 25
Bochum – Düsseldorf
We are riding through the Ruhr area, a highly urbanized region, the most densely populated part of Germany in fact… [read more]

Day 13 / Nov 26
Düsseldorf – Hambacher Forst
On an icy morning we said goodbye to our friends (Caro, Martha and Jacob) and set off from Düsseldorf. The meeting point with the day riders was… [read more]

Day 14 / Nov 27
Hambacher  Forst – Aachen
A bright full moon lit up the meadows occupation camp next to Hambach mine last night, so bright in fact it created two rainbows around it… [read more]

Day 15 / Nov 28
Aachen – Leuven
Today was a long ride. On Day 2 we also did over 100k so we knew what was coming our way but this ride was different in many ways… [read more]

Day 16 / Nov 29
Leuven – Brussels
It was always going to be a short distance from Leuven to Brussels but the weather made sure that it felt like a tough one… [read more]

Day 17 / Nov 30
Brussels – Mons
After I [Petra] waved the Cooperiders goodbye in Copenhagen two weeks ago, everyone was full of energy and physically in good shape, happy to finally start this journey…. [read more]

Day 18 / Dec 1
Mons – Valenciennes
France, at last! The anticipation is flourishing as we approach our final destination. Now that we are finally in France we have the feeling that we are almost there… [read more]

Day 19 / Dec 2
Valenciennes – Ribemont
Today was a day of fast riding on brisk roads. No rain, no wind and not too cold. It was also a day of long breaks… [read more]

Day 20 / Dec 3
Ribemont – Soissons
It was pleasure to see the Moulin de Lucy in daylight. Our arrival in darkness last night meant we could only imagine much of it´s appearance… [read more]

Day 21 / Dec 4
Soissons – Meaux
As we have cycled 1468km, our tyres are literally wearing out. On some of them you can see the fibres, the threads that hold the rubber at the core… [read more]

Day 22 / Dec 5
Meaux – Paris
We made it and it feels amazing. Our ride to Paris is done and we´re incredibly happy to have made it the whole way safely… [read more]