Day 6 / Nov 19

Hamburg – Tostedt (57km)

21 riders. Average speed 13.2km/h Time pedalling 4.20


We have pedalled a total of 460km. Spirits are high!

In the morning two riders left the group and the emotions evoked in our departure round made many of us recognised that we have created a safe space where we trust and are open towards each other.


After a full day in Hamburg yesterday, departure this morning was a bit more relaxed than the days before since we did not schedule to leave Hamburg before 11 am. We took our time with breakfast generously provided by an awesome assortment of Lukas´ family and headed to the scenic Alter Elbtunnel where four more riders joined us, adding diversity to the team and boasting the average age.

We had a short stage ahead, a little over 50km, so the expectation was that it would feel easy and quick, which was not the case. Wind and rain were intense as we left Hamburg through the industrial area in direction of the Moorburg coal-fired power plant. The team of navigators did an awesome job guiding us through this tricky section (which included train tracks across the bike paths and less than friendly truck drivers) and their task was make greater as we crossed the forest west of Sieversen where we had to push some bikes and trailers up the highest hill of the trip.

So we took longer than expected because there were, of course, flat tires (three, one of them, Theres exploded dramatically) and a trailer that overturned, needing to be repacked. No lasting harm done, all are in good health, great spirits and our equipment is holding up well.

Arrival in Tostedt was in the dark, which is less enjoyable since communication in a large group is harder with less visibility. However, we are becoming more and more accustomed to riding together and we have pretty much mastered a myriad of hand signals that are needed to get messages across from the front to the back of the line and vice versa. We met with the mayor in front of the town hall for a brief handshake, a photoshoot and an interview with a local journalist.


In our plenary this evening we discussed the French governments decision to withdraw permission for the mass mobilisations in Paris on November 29th and December 12th. Our general feeling was one of determination – to continue our journey, to participate in both the People´s Climate Summit in Montreuil on the 5th & 6th and the ZAC 7th-11th and to wait to see how events unfold before we decide on what we do for D12.

Accommodations tonight is in Todtglüsinger, that opened its doors for us and let us sleep in the gym, provided us with yummy dinner and breakfast tomorrow morning. The best part: they have a sauna!


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