Day 7 / Nov 20

Tostedt – Bremen (83km)

22 riders. Average speed 14.5 km/h. Time pedalling 6.30

A sunny morning was a great start to a great day. Today’s ride was smooth, navigation was on point and there were no flat tires. Aaaand… we hit the first 500 km mark today!


Hurray for renewables!

We left Tostedt around 9am, cycled through beautiful country roads and arrived for lunch at Waffensen near Rotenburg (Wuemme) where we were offered soup, bread (and a wonderful dessert that seemed like panacotta). Here we were also joyfully greeted by the local press. An ingenious radio journalist had the idea to interview us live while on the bike as we left the town. It seems it worked out and he promised to send the link with the audio. We are looking forward to it because it was a bit windy and also with the sound of our bells it must have sounded very cool. (edit: listen to the report here)

We arrived in Bremen just as it was getting dark and were greeted by members of attac Bremen who welcomed us with us cookies and apples and helped us navigate into the city center where we had dinner at a peoples kitchen before heading to the next event. Here we had the chance to present our project to the audience followed by an interesting input from Till, also a member of attac Bremen. He gave an overview of Naomi Klein’s Book “This Changes Everything” and related it to opportunities within the civil society to make change happen. These inputs encouraged a vivid discussion amongst the group of attending people and left us with the positive feeling that the the issue of climate justice is broadly received.

Tonight we sleep in private accommodations. Again we are astonished of the hospitality of the people we meet and who invite us into the warmth of their homes.


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