Info for riders

Riding through the forest

We are in contact with a lot of different environmental and civil society organisations along the way that help us to provide a warm and dry place for sleeping for free. Most of the places will be basic community centres, offices or sports halls. That means, everybody has to bring a sleeping mattress and a sleeping bag or whatever he/she needs for a restful sleep after a long day of biking.
In Rhineland/Climate camp: At our destination we will be accommodated at the Climate camp and sleep in our own tents. Maybe we will also spend some overnight stops during the ride camping, so please also bring a tent or get in touch with us to make sure you can share a tent with other participants.


Cooperide will take care of food supply for all the people who sign up. This includes a proper breakfast, energizing snacks on the way as well as lunch and a filling dinner at the end of the day. In order to provide this we will ask all of you for a contribution of 10€ per day for organic and vegetarian/vegan food.


You will have to bring your own equipment for the ride with you. That includes:

  • a bicycle that allows you to travel 50-80km a day (if you don’t have a decent bicycle but still want to participate, contact us – maybe we can match you with somebody who is interested in sharing the bike)

  • weatherproof clothes – just in case (preferably rain jacket and rain pants)

  • bicycle bags or trailer to transport your stuff (see accommodation)

We will take care of bringing some tools with us for patching punctures or doing basic bike repairing.

We decided to not have an auxiliary car or the like – that means that you will have to be able to carry the things you need on your bicycle.
Still, we might have one or two bike trailers from Hamburg on but they are reserved for communal stuff such as tools and some food on the way.


We try to organise this trip as low-priced as possible. Though accommodation will be for free in most places we calculated an amount of 50€ to cover potential costs. As mentioned above we also ask you to contribute to the food provision with 10€/day.

If you join us in Sweden and plan to cross the baltic sea with us to Germany the ticket for the ferry from Trelleborg to Lübeck will have to be covered with additional 41€.
Please book a ticket for the Ferry from Malmö to Travemünde! We are taking the Ferry run by Finnlines ( that is leaving from Malmö at 11th of August at 10:00 am, arriving in Travemünde at 19:15 pm the same day. Remember to add a bike to your booking. Please contact us if you have questions and also in case you cannot afford the ticket – we will find a solution together.

Organisation of the day

Depending on the kilometres of each stage and our respective plans for the mornings and evenings, we will set our starting time every evening. Generally, we aim at leaving between 9 and 10 am, cycle for 2-3h, have a lunch break, and then cycle on to reach our destination in the afternoon .

We will aim at going with around 20km/h – depending on the weather. Considering that it will be summer and drawing on our experiences from the tour to Paris in winter 2015 we are confident that these rides will be comfortably manageable.

In case you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!