Day 5 / Nov 18

Lübeck – Hamburg (65km)

21 riders. Average speed 15,5. Time pedalling 5,5 hours

What does it mean to cooperide? – Impressions of a co-rider from Nov, 18th

Of course I remember my first moments joining the group: Arriving in this train of bikes and flags and bags; How it curled into the backyard of this simple foodplace in Sandesneben; and then all of a sudden exploded in to dozens of pieces of equipment and people wrapped in waterproof pants. Sandesneben, Schleswig Holstein a place about 30km south of Lübeck was the spot chosen for lunch break that day.


I remember how much I felt welcome – warm and at the same time lighthearted when looking into the circle of people munching on bread and muesli bars. My neighbor says: “I am so happy I can actually see faces now.”. The wind is blowing hard that day, scarves wrapped tighter, skin somewhat redder.

I can see what made me follow the very first call to join the tour from Lübeck to Hamburg. Eagerness, honest will and courage to answer to signs which have long been there.

Climate change is calling us to bond together closer than ever. And it is not only me asking today what kind of ties are needed to hold a society that does NOT rely on fossil fuels anymore. Today, along the route I got to feel what it’s like to travel in a postgrowth society: to COOPERIDE.


Way to go to Paris!

First: No one is left behind: Not me struggling with weak legs and half flat tires. Neither the person who´s chain came off.

Second: Everyone takes care: “Are you doing ok?” is the number one phrase while speeding through landscape and city. Thumb signals accompany our way.

Third: Sticking to the common goal: No matter how beautiful the sun rays on the bark of the trees alongside of the road, no matter how tasty the smell of bakeries in Hamburg. Every single one of us riders knew: we´ve got to arrive there on time.

So, despite the wind, our wheels kept turning and we made it 65km to Hamburg within the time we had to.

What a day!

An additional note on other Hamburg activities…

We arrrived at Barmbek and were warmly greeted by cheering Greenpeace activists, sporting their distinctive green coats and countless “Coal Kills” flags. After some words on the mic from local allies, including Hamburg Cycling Club ADFC and NABU Hamburg (Nature Conservation NGO) we set off a brilliant critical mass through the city. Flanked by a police escort, we rolled to a spot in the center of town for further speeches before walking along the main shopping street and holding another public gathering close to the main train station.


We then went to visit the very snazzy Greenpeace headquarters in the HafenCity, where a huge spread of food had been laid on. One of these Greenpeace volunteers, Ulrich, will be joining us from tomorrow onwards and we´re looking forward to having him in the group.

This evening we screened This Changes Everything in a wonderfully decorated warehouse in the Hoheluft district and a panel discussion followed the movie. We are very grateful to the von Schuckmann family for being such great hosts for tonight!


Panel dicussion


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