Day 2 / Nov 15

Farendløse Æblemost – Rødbyhavn (113km)

18 riders. Average speed – 17.3km. Time pedalling 6h45m


With Jens who hosted us at his apple farm

Jens hosted us incredibly generously at Farendløse Mosteri; an idyllic permaculture apple farm not too far from Ringsted. We had cosy dinner (featuring produce from the farm) and an abundant breakfast before departure at dawn, feeling excited but somewhat nervous about the distance ahead.


The second day proved to be a greatly rewarding challenge. We began pedalling at first light, just before 8am knowing that we had a long day on the road and had two flat tires before 9am (five more would come during the day!). The time we were stationary we were aware that every minute spent fixing flat tires was an additional minute cycling in the dark. Nevertheless, the group held together. And we were happy to stay together and there were no long faces. Including breaks it took us 10.5 hours.

On the whole it was an overwhelming, bonding and exhausting experience (fuelled by the apples from the farm).


After we stopped for lunch next to Vardingborg castle, there was the option for less confident riders to take a train in Sakskøbing, jumping 40km forward, but again, we decided to stay together despite having already covered over 60km that day and having a further 50km to go.

Weather-wise we were lucky – there was less wind as the day before, not too much rain and an incredibly beautiful sunset.

Arrival in Bindernæs Efterskole, where we slept in a couple of classrooms, with access to the gym where we had warm showers, such an amazing feeling!

The group vibe is strong, inclusive and determined. The general feeling is one of gratitude and unity. We are powerful together and, having in mind all the new riders yet to join us, we have come up with a welcome ritual to introduce them to the group.


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