Day 10 – Lübben – Proschim

Our last day of riding started in the most beautiful way possible, a wake up service by one rider, who sang a good morning song, followed by a splendid rap about coal when people started to get out of their tents. Even though it was very early, it didn’t feel that tough anymore. A lush breakfast quickly got our minds and bodies up to speed, as we were all getting ready to depart. Shortly before splitting into groups, we gathered for a motivational round and a little reflection and also for a quick visit by the mayor of the town Lübben, who expressed his support and faith in us and that he was glad to be able to host us for a night.

We felt eager to reach our goal and to cover the last 60km on our tour. The ride went smoothly despite riding against the wind. We fully enjoyed the bike paths along rivers and streams, which seemed to be everywhere. The area called Spreewald showed us its best side, with full intention to compete against the other picturesque landscapes we encountered during our ride. What made this ride even more fun was the regular overtaking of some other bike groups, who would cheer us on as we passed them. We in turn did the same, as they passed us again while we took a break.

In this fashion we reached Welzow, the neighboring town of Proschim. Having received some information about possible police controls of bike groups heading to the climate camp, we stopped to talk about what we wanted to do with that information. After going through different scenarios, we decided to split up into smaller groups of two to not raise as much attention and meet up at a place, where all the other bike groups would head to as well. Even though the information did turn out to be false, it still forced us to think about those possibilities and that was quite a clear cut from our previous biking mood, thoughts and conversations. When all bike groups, which started in Lübben joined together again a few kilometers away from the camp, the tension dissolved as fast as it formed.

Together, we then rode into the camp with all the bell ringing we could muster, which prompted some happy campers to wave at us. As we were finally standing on the campgrounds and were seeing all the active mingling taking place, we could feel the positive energy, which would make the next days an extraordinary experience for all of us.


This concludes our bike diary. For more stories, pictures and impressions of the camp and the mass action of civil disobedience, check out the website of Ende Gelände. We want to thank everybody, who supported us along the way!! Thank you dear readers for your interest in what we do and for accompanying us on our second adventure! It was fun sharing our experiences with you 🙂


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