Day 9 – Berlin – Lübben

Rested and with new companions on our side, we bade farewell to Berlin to make our way to the Climate Camp in Proschim. Two more days were waiting to be filled with sun, sweat and smiles. We rode out of Berlin as one big bikegroup, enjoying the space of having one lane for the last time in Berlin. On the outskirts we stopped to split into several groups, mixed by preferred way of riding. Most of the cooperiders stayed together in one group, joined by other riders from different groups.


With the additional bike riders, we also gained the support of a mobile D.I.Y.-Kitchen, which accompanied Time 2 Cycle on their way. The kitchen team would be waiting for us in Lübben with delicious vegan food. Thus, we were aiming to arrive before sunset. Even though the distance with about 65 km was not outside our usual distance, the ride proved to be a bigger challenge for us than the previous days. Having a new composition of riders with different perspectives on how the ride should be, how to navigate and organize within the bike group and how to communicate, more time was needed to find a good rhythm. A flat tire also added to this drawn-out first half of the day, where we did not cover much way.


We used our lunch break near a lake to rest and talk about how to organize the second half of the day in order to arrive somewhat timely for dinner. A second flat tire right before departure led to us splitting into two groups. The second part of the day went smoothly again. We managed to keep a good speed as the roads were better and often through forests, which created a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere.

It felt great being welcomed by the others, who arrived before us and to have a delicious vegan dinner (I can not stress this point enough) waiting for our tired but content bodies & minds. The evening continued with a big group meeting to address some organizational topics and give room to questions and concerns. For most of us going to sleep was a reward in itself after that day to be ready for the final stretch.


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