Info for riders

We are in contact with a lot of different environmental and civil society organisations along the way that help us to provide a warm and dry place for sleeping for free. Most of the places will be basic community centres, offices or sports halls. That means, everybody has to bring a sleeping mattress and a sleeping bag or whatever he/she needs for a restful sleep after a long day of biking.
In Paris: we are still working on that issue but we are optimistic to organise a spot to sleep for all of us from the 5
th December until the end of the negotiations.


There is no final decision on how we organise the provision of food in detail but we can tell you already that we will take care of food supply for all the people who sign up. Probably, we will have some persons of the organising team going by train or hitchhiking who will arrange the food in collaboration with our supporters at the spot. We will ask all of you for a donation of around 10€ per day for organic and vegetarian/vegan food.
Further information on this topic will be posted here some weeks before the ride.


You will have to bring your own equipment for the ride with you. That includes:

  • a bicycle that allows you to travel 50-80km a day (if you don’t have a decent bicycle but still want to participate, contact us – maybe we can match you with somebody who is interested in sharing the bike)

  • weatherproof clothes (preferably rain jacket and rain pants)

  • bicycle bags or trailer to transport your stuff (see accommodation)

We will take care of bringing some tools with us for patching punctures or doing basic bike repairing.

We will try to establish a forum on this website where people can announce if they need certain equipment (for example not everybody will have bicycle bags) or if they can provide for others – we are still figuring out how to do this with the least possible effort for everybody.

We decided to not have an auxiliary car or the like – that means that you will have to be able to carry the things you need on your bicycle.
Probably, we will have one or two bike trailers but they are reserved for communal stuff such as tools and some food on the way.


As you might have noticed, we try to organise this whole trip as low-priced as possible – accommodation will be for free and so far we only ask you to contribute to the food provision.
Besides, we applied for some funds. In case that we will get them, we will buy some spare parts for bicycles and will use the rest to further lower the contributions to food from everybody.

Organisation of the day

Depending on the kilometres of each stage and our respective plans for the mornings and evenings, we will set our starting time every evening. Generally, we aim at leaving between 9 and 10am, cycle for 2-3h, have a lunch break, and then cycle on to reach our destination in the afternoon (have in mind that it will get dark around 5pm).

We will aim at going with around 18km/h – depending on wind, rain, etc. In case that you cannot imagine yourself riding at this speed for several hours a day, several days in a row, you might consider to create a tag team where you share the cycling – pedalling one day and hitchhiking or travelling by train the other. Just contact us.