2017 tour from Gothenburg to Rhineland

Photo: 350.org / Paul Lovis Wagner / CC-License BY-NC 2.0

We’re pedalling towards Europe’s biggest carbon source

In August 2017 Cooperide will go on its next adventure, connecting the Swedish Climate Camp in Gothenburg with the Ende Gelände climate camp in the Rhineland – close to Germany’s biggest coal mining area. This ride will also be part of the international mobilization for the Ende Gelände action.

From the 3rd – 7th August Gothenburg will host the Swedish Climate Camp and we will use this inspiring event to launch the Cooperide, taking with us their enthusiasm, ideas and hopes and hopefully a few riders as well. We will then head south through Lund/Malmö before setting foot in the north of Germany. Continuing south into the Rhineland, we will arrive at the climate camp on the 21st August where this year’s Ende Gelände actions will take place.

Save the dates!

Join the ride!

Everyone is warmly welcome to join us – be it for the whole tour, somewhere along the route or for a couple of days. Check our route to get an overview!

You can also find practical information about joining the ride in our info for riders.

Other rides to Ende Gelände

There will be other bike trains pedalling to Ende Gelände departing from London (Time2Cycle) and Vienna (Cycle4Change). Joining forces anew we are mobilizing across Europe to continue to show that the climate movement is strong and committed!



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