Departure day for Cooperide 3.0

Almost two years have passed since the first Cooperide departed from Copenhagen to Paris in November 2015. Back then, we were excited, curious, and a little concerned if a winterly 1400k tour would actually be doable. The ride would lead us along frozen dirt roads and through dozens of hours of rain. There were many hills to climb, and not all of them were physical. But eventually, we faced each and every of them – thanks to many local supporters that would cater us after a long and cold day of cycling. As a group of 24, we arrived in Paris to see the climate movement becoming stronger than ever.
See our 2015 Tour Diary

The second Cooperide led us from Malmö to the Lusatia lignite protests in May 2016. Again, we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and solidarity that local groups would show.
See our 2016 Tour Diary


Today, the third Cooperide is about to start. A team of seven  will depart from Gothenburg towards the Rhineland coal protest today. On our way, the team will increase to more than 20 riders.
Once again, we stick to the Cooperide motto: Demonstrating change is possible. Demanding change happens. In the Rhineland area, a strong climate movement awaits us to resist against lignite mining.

We are keen on the upcoming 1000 km to the Rhineland area!
You too? Keep in touch with us here and on our facebook page.


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