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The Cooperide runs mostly on the commitment of its members, but there are a few things that this can’t buy. This is why we really need your support! We have created a crowdfunding campaign where you can contribute to the relization of our project and receive unique rewards in return. You will find the campaign here.

Donate 5 € or more (you finance 1,4 km)
We will mention your name on our website.

Donate 10 € or more (you finance 2,8 km)
Mail. We will send you a handwritten postcard from Paris.

Donate 20 € or more (you finance 5,6 km)
A hidden geocach treasure. On our way to Paris we will hide a well packed surprise for you and send you the coordinates as well as a little hint so that you can get ready for a treasure hunt.

Donate 30 € or more (you finance 8,4 km)
A Cooperide poster. We have created different poster designs to spread our message (you also find them on our facebook page) and will print one personal copy for you.

Revolution   PLWD40   Burn Fat Not Fuel

Donate 50 € or more (you finance 14 km)
A Cooperide t-shirt. You will get a fairly traded organic cotton T-Shirt in your size with the Cooperide logo printed on.


Your Name. We will write your name with our bodies and send you a picture as evidence.

Donate 75 € or more (you finance 21 km)
A self-made banner. In Paris we will not only write postcards but go onto the streets for our future. Therefor we will paint banners and send you one afterwe have used it in Paris.

no planet b


An aquarell painting. We might not cross the most beautiful landscapes on our trip but for you we keep our eyes open and paint a small aquarell inspired by our journey.

Donate 100 € or more (you finance 28 km)
A copy of “This Changes Everything” signed and re-designed by us.


A piece of art. On our ride to Paris we will use up a lot of spare parts. True to our motivation we will upcycle these and create little pieces of art such as key chains and jewellery  – just for you!


Donate 250 € or more (you finance 70 km)
A tree. We will plant a tree along our way (the final destination depends on where we will find a nice tree nursery), attach a a little sign with an inscription of your choice and send you a photo as evidence.

Donate 500 € or more (you finance 140 km)
A hand-written and drawn book with vegan recipes. On our way we will cook with many different people and collect the best recipes. Together with a small drawing it will make a beautiful unique cook book.


A hand-written and -drawn travel journal. We will report about our impressions and illustrate them with photos, drawings and little found things.

Donate 1500 € or more (you finance 420 km)
Wooow! Are you serious? A person like you we would love to meet. A delegation of 3 cooperiders will visit you and be at your service. We are happy to give a presentation and tell you about our personal experiences. In addition we will bring along the complete cooperide package: a poster of your choice, a t-shirt and a banner from Paris. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Support us

    • Dear Ale,
      thanks for your comment.
      Indeed, we still have some issues finding accommodation at the stops between Brussels and Paris. So if you know any people living in this region, please let us know;-)
      Your Cooperide-Team


      • Hej Cooperiders,
        unfortunately not. 😦 I know people in Bremen, Münster, Düsseldorf and am living in Bochum…
        Good luck!
        See you in November,

        Alex (must have forgotten the x :))


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