Day 3 & 4 Halmstad – Ängelholm – Malmö

After four days of biking we arrived to Malmö. We had expected the last day to be tough and long because we had to cover the 86 km to Malmö before 6pm . But with an early start, good flow and sufficient breaks we all got there in a good mood. We could feel how we had come to know each other well and built up a supportive biking group. Malmö was the first stop where some of us finished their tour and new people joined in. The flags are carried on connecting the Climate Camps and we are all part of the ride!

In Malmö we met engaged people from Fossil Free, Friends of the Earth, the Left Party (Vänster) and Transition Skåne. We presented ourselves, heard about the groups’ projects and exchanged ideas, perspectives and stories. Fossil Free is campaigning towards the divestment of the Swedish pension funds. There are 36 billion Swedish crowns invested in fossil fuel companies and divesting this money is be the biggest impact that Sweden has on climate change. The activists from the campaign told us about the complexity of pension funds and the difficulty of talking to politicians.

Transition Skåne is supporting local organisations as well as individuals to foster alternative practices. The transition movement tries to find solutions that do not reproduce problems by challenging the norms and values that are underlying the problem. Their approach is positive and the focus is on creativity and connection. Transition is not only about societal structures, but has also a personal component: we can become more aware of our needs, aims and ambitions and re-evaluate them.

After the event to went to Saskia and Simon who invited to sleep at their place. We could easily connect to each other by sharing dreams and discussing plans for the camp and the action we are going to. We find our journey to be about getting inspired by people and about inspiring people.


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