Day 10 Goldenstedt – Osnabrück

The day started with a picture for and a brief discussion with the local newspaper in Vechta. Right after, we started cycling south. The morning went really smoothly; we crossed corn fields under the sunlight. After a refreshing swim at Dummersee, we had some lunch and continued the ride. The afternoon was a bit more challenging, with some hills and a short bit of unpaved road.


When we came to Osnabrück, we were warmly welcomed at the beautiful place where we are staying tonight. A community has grown up from what technically is a student accommodation. There are several houses where students live, surrounded by forests and even a little lake. The area is full of apple trees, hanging mats and cozy places to chill outside. They also have a garden with two small greenhouses where they grow vegetables. Here in Osnabrück, the first Cooperide already made a stop in 2015 and met some of the people that agreed to host us this time. They had prepared dinner and apple cake for us, and we ate together and had many interesting discussions. Some of them are also going to the Klimakamp and Ende Gelände and we are excited to meet them again.


Tomorrow we will continue our journey to Münster. After meeting the people in Osnabrück, we could feel that our final destination and Ende Gelände are getting closer.


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