Day 9 Bremen – Goldenstedt

Starting day 9, our most lovely hosts for the night had set up a breakfast that was well worth the epithet Great. With such a warm welcome it was with somewhat heavy hearts that we left the city of Bremen, but we felt at the same time very much bodily and mentally refreshed and ready to carry on!

In the morning we welcomed Hannah to the group. She quickly became part of Cooperide after the regular introductory ceremony.


At our first water break for the day, soon after leaving Bremen, we came across a facility with large plastic animals displayed in the front garden (see picture). Plastic triceratops, gorillas and penguins stared us down and reminded us that these very distinct set of species are in fact close to becoming part of the same category: extinct. It is important to realise that the changing of the climate due to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases is linked to local struggles for survival of some of these species as habitats diminish or degrades with changing climatic conditions. It is also important to note that the emissions in turn are a by-product of a system that rapidly expands (grows) in space. This effectively diminishes the likelihood of undisturbed habitats for animals other than humans. In short, we think that climate justice should also be served to other species whom have (as many social groups) for so long been marginalised or outright maltreated. They too must be realised as parts of the ecological system that is life and as real and deserving actors in the continuation of the economy.

We managed to arrive at the Biolandhof in Goldenstedt in time before thunder struck (by which time we were happily snuggled up in our sleeping bags in one of the barns). Just before then we had had a very interesting conversation together with our host about ecological farming, biogas and more (see next blog post (probably)).


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